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Rumor: Remedy Is Preparing for An Announcement, Possibly Project 7

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The Twitter account of Remedy Entertainment has posted a new video on its page, announcing the arrival of a new announcement soon. Is the company getting ready to finally unveil the identity of Project 7 after all?

As you can see in the Tweet reported at the bottom of the news, the guys of Remedy Entertainment have proposed a very short tour inside their offices, accompanying the video with the message “Get Ready”. In all probability, therefore, the Finnish studio is preparing for a new announcement aimed at the players, but what it could be?

Thanks to the last financial report of Remedy reported for 2017, we have come to know about two very interesting details. First of all, the launch window of the mysterious Project 7 has been set for 2019, a date that all the time begins to approach and that could be accompanied by a complete reveal of the game soon. Even more intriguing, it seems that last year Remedy has started preparations for the development of a new game not yet announced.

There is also the possibility that the announcement will concern some other game that Remedy is developing, which is also mysterious. In short, the speculations in the field are multiple. Who knows what will be the correct one.

So what could the Finnish studio reveal to us over the next few days? To learn more we just have to wait for some more information from Sam Lake and members.

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