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Remedy: P7 is not Alan Wake 2, Max Payne 4’s future depends on Rockstar

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Last week, Remedy has announced that it has begun work to convert the Northlight Engine (engine used for Quantum Break) on PlayStation 4 and this has now given way to a series of speculations about the future projects of the company, rumor that the studio has wanted to clarify answering some messages on Twitter.

As we reported a few days ago, Sam Lake and partners are working on P7, a codename for a new multi-platform game for which now we have almost no information. The last tweet of the Finnish software house seem to have at least answered a question far from trivial: Will P7 be a new IP?

According to the tweet by the company, Remedy claims not to be working on Alan Wake 2: “We have been really upfront about whats up with AW2. Hope to make it one day if possible, but for now it’s CF2 and P7.” So, P7 is not Alan Wake 2, although the studio has not given further details about the nature of this mysterious IP.

And as for Max Payne? Again, Remedy responds in a clear and concise way: “Rockstar Games owns Max Payne so the future is up to them.”

In recent weeks, the company has also clarified that it is not working to bring Quantum Break on PlayStation 4.