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Remedy is working on its next secret project

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Now that Quantum Break is already available in the market, Remedy Entertainment is busy developing several titles. The first is a collaboration with the Korean studio SmileGate to create the campaign of CrossFire 2. The second is a secret project that still looks very distant and is only in the prototype stage.

Quantum Break

Thus, the head of communications of Remedy, Thomas Puha spoke with Game Informer and mentioned that there are at least two development teams, one working on CrossFire 2 and the other in a completely new title. “The other team is working on something that’s pretty far off,” Puha says. “It’s in the conceptual stage.”

Although the project is still in its early days, Remedy has started looking for a distributor, but declined to give any names. As you know, the independent studio worked extensively with Microsoft, in creating Quantum Break and Alan Wake.

It is also necessary to note that Puha would not say whether this game will be a new IP or a sequel to a previous title. However, he mentioned that the late Quantum Break and Alan Wake leaves room for potential sequels.

“There was a lot of discussion about the ending at the studio,” he said. “Some people really like it. Some people thought we should close it. I think it gives kind of a definite end, but what Sam [Lake] has said, when we made the first Max Payne, everyone was killed. So when we had to make a sequel, we had to ask, ‘Where should we start?’ When Alan Wake was made and Quantum Break was made, there was a lot of thought put into leaving strands open so if the opportunity presented itself, we could make another game.”

Finally, Puha said Remedy intends to shorten development times from this moment. “No one at the company wants to spend four or five years making a single thing. It burns people out, and you just want to ship games,” he said.

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