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Remedy: Control PC Version Is “Not Downgraded”

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Just a few days ago the Remedy team announced that Control has lowered the system requirements on PC, with technical requirements more in line with the current times. Does this mean that the video game has been downgraded in terms of its graphics on PC? The authors of Max Payne and Alan Wake deny these major attack.

“No, it’s not downgraded”, said one of the heads of the studio at the comment of an amateur, who wondered if Control had suffered some kind of graphics downgrade. Another Remedy fan has congratulated the studio for the Control trailer focused on its story, commenting that if the video game had been shown at E3 2019, it would have received more compliments.

Thomas Puha has taken advantage of that comment to highlight that at first that was going to be the E3 trailer but the team did not have time to finish its assembly because “getting the game done was important so, here it is a month later.”

Control bets on a game structure of the metroidvania adventures, giving us the opportunity to explore a large building full of dangers. The game will release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on August 27. The game uses the Northlight Engine, and will use real-time ray-tracing effects, including reflections, shadows, global diffusion lighting, and transparent reflections.

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