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Remedy: Control Game Length Will Be 15-20 Hours Long

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Remedy Entertainment is preparing to launch its next video game, Control, a title that will take us to the usual action and adventure formula of the studio responsible for games like Alan Wake or Quantum Break. But, what will be its duration or game length? Will it be an extensive adventure?

In an interview with Gamingbolt, and in a statement given by Mikael Kasurinen and Brooke Maggs, the video game director and narrative designer in the title, stated the following: “It is a complicated, large game and can be played through in multiple ways, it’s going to be roughly 15-20 hours long if you finish the campaign and do a few side missions.”

In addition, the story about which the game will turn will not be the only thing we can do in the title. Control will have several side missions, some extensive ones, and a specially open structure, in the Metroidvania style, in which we will explore huge and underground buildings, with dozens of areas, offices and secret bunkers.

Control will be available on August 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In the game, the Federal Control Office – where paranormal matters are being investigated – suffers a security breach. This allows a threat from another dimension to invade this building and eliminate or possess all of its employees. Players will enjoy Control with great freedom of gameplay, while putting into practice the skills of Jesse Fade, the protagonist of the title.