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Released during corona pandemic: Latest Movies

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Due to the released during corona pandemic crisis, cinemas around the world are currently closed.  Also, several producers in the film industry have interrupted their filming. New films and the new “Batman” with Robert Pattinson, as well as for television and streaming series and television productions.  So instead of April, James Bond only determined as of November 12: “There is no time to die” is the last chapter for Daniel Craig as Agent 007. Disney warrior “Mulan” now fights for justice from the late of July.  Christian Petzold’s Berlin love movie “Undine” was postponed until June 11.



Reunion with “Top Gun” and “Wonder Woman”


  In late summer and autumn, several blockbusters now crowd together: Gal Gadow as Diana Prince saves the world in “Wonder Woman 1984” from August, the “Black Widow” (aka Scarlett Johansson) fulfills espionage missions from November.  Tom Cruise will train fighter pilots in “Top Gun Maverick” from December.




West Side Story” from Spielberg for Christmas 2020

The British Christopher Nolan is bringing his time travel sci-fi thriller “Tenet” to the cinema in July as planned. Steven Spielberg presents his version of the musical classic “West Side Story” at Christmas 2020.



Another film with Nina Hoss: “Pelikanblut” wanders between drama and horror film.

 The Hamburg woman Katrin Gebbe (“Tore tanzt”) has cast her as a single mother who, on the one hand, trains the police rider squad in a remote yard. On the other hand, Wiebke offers her second adoptive daughter a new home. It released during corona pandemic season. But the little one does not want to be part of the family and is becoming increasingly scary—start date not yet known.





Hardly anyone in Hollywood knows how to keep the content of his new project secrets like the director and author Christopher Nolan. So it is only bright who will play in the next film “Tenet”: Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine. It is supposed to be about espionage and time travel. Again, 49-year-old Briton Nolan shot on 70-millimeter film material. Behind the camera, like Nolan’s “Dunkirk” and “Interstellar,” Hoyte Van Hoytema. It is scheduled for July 2020.




Film industry experts billions in losses


The US film industry is facing billions of dollars in losses due to the corona crisis. The box office could be short of $ 20 billion this year alone, especially if the lucrative foreign markets collapse, the US industry magazine “Hollywood Reporter” reported on Friday. In 2019, more than $ 42 billion went to Hollywood’s coffers worldwide. In the short term, the studios will have to forego the proceeds from previously shot productions such as the new James Bond film “No Time to Die” or Clint Eastwood’s new film “The Fall of Richard Jewell,” whose theatrical releases have been postponed. For released during corona pandemic film industry expects billions in losses.   In the long term, however, the interruption of the filming of numerous productions will cost the film companies massive money.


Film studios are increasingly focusing


The major film distributors will also increasingly rely on video-on-demand in the coming weeks. As the US film magazine “Variety” reports, the film “Birds of Prey,” which was released in cinemas in early February, will be available on various streaming platforms on March 24th. Usually, the period between the theatrical release and the start of streaming is at least six months. NBC Universal and Disney also announced that they would be making several films available on streaming services earlier than initially planned. Among other things, this affects the movie “The Invisible” and “Frozen 2”.


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