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Redout Patch 1.1.0 and free demo download available now

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The studio 34BigThings has announced the availability of a full-bodied free update for Redout, one of the most acclaimed indie titles of 2016, the spiritual heir of futuristic racing game F-Zero and Wipeout.

The update 1.1.0 brings a number of bug fixes and includes new content of Enhanced Edition, including five new brand new tracks on Jupiter, global rankings for Time Attack mode, Pure Time Attack, Speed, Survival and Instagib and new liveries for ships.

The innovations do not end there because the developers have also made available the soundtrack of the game (7.99 euro), the digital artbook (3.99 euro) and the Deluxe Edition (37.37 euro) which includes the full game and all the content just mentioned.

Finally, on Steam you can download a free demo of Redout. Check out all the details of Redout Patch 1.1.0 changelog here and some of them below:

1. Solved problem with corrupted save files (famous RedoutSettings.sav), causing the game to hang in the loading screen. No more, bad game. No more. Learn how to behave!
2. Settings are now properly saved and loaded. No more changing options everytime you open the game
3. VRWorks updated to latest release
4. Many Localization fixes. Gotta hate languages
5. Ships sometimes stopped emitting chemical trails to control your minds. Now you are ours again.
6. Layouts and layout showcase adapts to your last input (keyboard or pad)
7. Solved a bit of crashes here and there. This is always good
8. Fixed many errors when joining or hosting a race