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Reddit User Calls FIFA 18 Fans To Boycott Game’s Ultimate Team Microtransactions on Black Friday

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Everything indicates that the problems for Electronic Arts are far from over. After everything that happened with Star Wars: Battlefront II, players are more than willing to demand improvements in other titles. Proof of this is the new campaign of Reddit, which under the hashtag #FixFIFA aims to get improvements for FIFA 18, especially in Ultimate Team.

The SSROCK user invited the community, from the FIFA subreddit, to look for optimizations for the title. For this reason, the player called to organize a boycott against Electronic Arts this Black Friday. SSROCK published an extensive message complaining about the game mechanics and the Ultimate Team microtransaction system.

Also, the player invited to sign a petition on for Electronic Arts to make the relevant changes and improve FIFA 18. SSROCK complains about persistent problems in the gameplay, the large number of matches that exist during the competitive leagues, errors of the matchmaking system, among other details.

“I merely ask you to notice my petition to give us fans of your series what they truly deserve, what they give to yourselves.. Loyalty year in and year out. Every year purchasing the latest title maybe even pre-ordering which personally I did this year also/buying packs and being a dedicated player to the FIFA series,” commented SSROCK.

At the time of writing, the player campaign has 18,347 signatures out of the 25,000 needed. Finally, SSROCK invited the community to use the hashtag #FixFIFA as much as possible to get more support and get improvements in the football title.

Several politicians have expressed concern about the situation of microtransactions. In France, they will seek to protect consumers from these practices, while in Hawaii they determined that loot boxes are a trap and predatory practices. Partly because of this controversy, Electronic Arts and Ghost Games modified the progression system of Need for Speed Payback.

Electronic Arts has not said anything about this situation, but it is estimated that soon it will release a statement on the impact of this movement. We are still waiting for any official announcements by the publisher.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think FIFA 18 also needs adjustments? Share your point of view in the comments below.