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Red Dead Redemption 2 leaks detail story, characters and locations

Red Dead Redemption 2 was in the end shifted to the next fiscal year and thus into the year 2018, tangible details to the action title is given from the official side to date but not much. Now a new leak could have given much information about the title.

As every year, there are fresh rumors about upcoming blockbusters, the closer the important trade fair of E3 moves, so again leaks continue to flourish this time. In the 4chan forums, a supposedly Rockstar insider has opened up a post, who reveals presumed details about the character and story of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 – and as we can read thoroughly, although it can not be finally verified as long as an official confirmation comes from the publisher itself.

If you believe the speculation, then you will take the role of Jack Marston in the Western Sequel. The new protagonist is the son of the former main actor John Marston from the first part. The story set some three years after the first part, you, as Marston Jr., will find some things out in the diary of the father after he dies. For this, Jack must also visit some old friends of John, where he learns more about his father’s past.

In the course of this, there will also be several flashback scenes, as the one already shown in the Reveal trailer with Dutch’s Gang. Some members of the Dutch’s Gang should even be playable in some form in the title during the flashbacks. Besides, there will be at least two great cities which you may explore; The map, which is bigger than the one in Grand Theft Auto V, will also have a lot of small and also hidden places to offer.

The leaker has also expressed about the multiplayer component of the game: this is supposed to be quite economic, because players will be able to trade and sell items among other things. In addition, there could be also the choice between “five or six different gangs” in the multiplayer, which are in the contest.

Below you can check all the leaked details provided on 4chan:

• Red Dead Redemption story is about Jack Marston.
• The game features many flashback scenes of like the one from the trailer about Dutches Gang, which is playable .
• Jack is trying to piece together some things he finds in his fathers journal after he dies and finds a few old friends of his father who teach him some secrets of John’s past.
• Takes place 3 years after Red Dead Redemption.
• Very economy driven.
• Players can trade/sell items to each other.
• Eventually you will be able to buy gatling guns and put in on the back of a wagon.
• Can buy crazy mounts like Zebras and Buffalo’s.
• There will be a 5 or 6 different gangs you choose from when creating a character.
• Every gang has their own base that can only be entered into by that gang member.
• There are different clubs that everyone from any gang can join such as fishing, hunting. horse racing, gambling.
• Huge emphasis on hunting partys in online.
• Hunting is not more strategic, you will have to be quiet when looking for animals.
• All animals have different stats so, one buck you kill may be worth more then another.
• Theres boats now and you can fish in them.
• There is a huge casino type place in one town.
• Lots of missions.

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