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Red Dead Online Beta Will Start Towards the end of November

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During the last meeting with shareholders to illustrate the financial results of Take-Two, the company’s president Strauss Zelnick also spent a few words on Red Dead Online, confirming that “it will launch in public beta towards the end of the month – Rockstar will have a lot more to say about it.”

Zelnick did not provide a specific date but he made it clear that the Red Dead Online Beta will start in the second half of the month. The CEO of the publisher said he was enormously satisfied with the results obtained with Red Dead Redemption 2, the company has distributed 17 million copies of RDR2 from October 26 till today, in addition to the 100 million copies distributed by GTA V, which thus becomes the best-selling video game of all time, surpassing Tetris and Minecraft.

Red Dead Online will debut in Public Beta in the current month in view of the global launch that should take place in early 2019, the testing phase will serve developers to get valuable feedback on the gameplay and to assess any improvements to the online infrastructure before official publication.

At the moment it is still unclear whether the Red Dead Online Beta will be accessible to all or only to the owners of the game, we are waiting for more information about it.