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ReCore will get HDR support on Xbox One S

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Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft has revealed with a tweet that early next year a new update of Recore will be published that will enable support for HDR on Xbox One S, at the time, however, there are no further details given.

ReCore Screenshot

Recore is one of the exclusive titles that Xbox One has received during this 2016 year, but unlike Forza Horizon 3 or Gears of War 4, the title of Keiji Inafune has not received support for HDR in the Slim revision of the Microsoft console.

In an unexpected announcement via Twitter, Shannon Loftis of Microsoft Studios has also stated that Recore will receive the update to improve the image in HDR on Xbox One S, and although she has not specified when this patch will be released in her tweet, but still she has mentioned that it will look great in new televisions on Christmas, so we can hope that this update reaches between 20 December and 10 January.

Microsoft strongly believes in the potential of Recore, although the game was in a rather lukewarm welcome from critics, the store proved to be more than fair and the hope is that the game can be good during the Christmas season, also by virtue of the budget price at which it is sold.