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ReCore Definitive Edition appears in the rating board of Germany

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Microsoft might announce soon Recore Definitive Edition. The new version of the exclusive Xbox One and Windows 10 PC game has in fact appeared in “ratings” of USK, the German institution of categorization.

USK (the body which is responsible for rating the video games in Germany) has included in its database Recore Definitive Edition, final version of the same title not yet announced by Microsoft.

As you can see from a little further down in the link above, Recore: Definitive Edition is currently scheduled (again according to the USK) only for Xbox One. It is likely that all this will be confirmed shortly, the DLC in question being still awaited at the beginning of 2017.

Recore was published in September 2016 on Xbox One and Windows 10, receiving a warm welcome by critics and audiences. This new edition should contain the full game and some additional content unspecified (probably a new arena and a bot unpublished) that is due out early in the year.

ReCore has been available since September and players are still waiting for additional content after finding zones on the map that are not yet finished.

For the moment, the publisher has not announced officially Recore Definitive Edition, so we look forward to learn more.

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