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Ready At Dawn Is Open About Joining A Bigger Publisher

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Ready at Dawn, the studio that gave birth to one of the first exclusive PS4s or The Order: 1886, opened in an interview granted to GameInformer the idea of ​​being acquired by a publisher or by a larger company.

The interview with Ru Weerasuriya, co-founder and creative director, dates back to E3 2019 but this interesting passage was detected by the Twitter user Klobrille only a few hours ago.

Weerasuriya explained that he had no particular opposition regarding the possibility that “Somebody comes to the studio, sees the value of the talent and says like – we want to be partners but more than partners with you, we want to acquire you.”

At this time, the software house, active in the Santa Monica area where Microsoft is reinforcing its presence not only with The Initiative, is working on a Triple-A project independently, but it is not certain that the works will be completed under a publisher or after the acquisition.

Ready At Dawn is presently taking a shot at another independent AAA game, however, for quite a while Microsoft has been discussing about a possible acquisition for this gifted programming house, which has been intently connected with Sony as of late.

There are additionally rumors that they might want a sequel of The Order 1886 for PS5, which is as of now a work in progress. Right now it is just mere speculation and when we will get new information on it, we will let you know asap.