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Ready At Dawn is working on a new AAA third-person action console title

Ready At Dawn could be currently working on a new AAA action game in third person based on a new original series. The project in question (not official yet from the studio) seems to be the long-awaited sequel to The Order 1886.

As it was certainly free from defects, The Order: 1886 laid the foundation for a very very charming setting and many still hope to one day see a sequel or at least another game set in the same universe.

We know that besides the curious Deformers, Ready at Dawn is developing two more games and now we have some information on any of these titles. This is not a sequel to The Order: 1886 but it will be worth keeping an eye on the work of the guys from this team.

According to reports, the official website of the software company, and in particular it is a job advertisement that contains some details on the nature of a mysterious AAA in development.

According to the latest job listing at the studio for a Lead Level Designer, the announcement of the work reported on the website of Ready at Dawn stated that the company is working on “an exciting new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP we are creating.”

It is not clear whether the announcement in question is still valid or not, the project in question was completely shrouded in mystery, although the developers speak of a new original series, the hypothesis of The Order 1886 2 seems therefore to be excluded. We look forward to learn more about it.

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