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Raven’s Cry Patch 1.01 download available now

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Topware Interactive and Reality Pump have released the second patch for their pirate adventure game Raven’s Cry, which takes care of many annoying bugs, including missing voiceovers and also makes changes to the balance of the title.

Raven’s Cry had received a lot of criticism after the publication, since the title made an unfinished impression to many players and the error contained in some cases interfere with the game progress. Whether the title of the recognizable existing potential can still be used, it also depends upon whether the developers quickly publish updates that take care of the existing problems.

As the case seems to be, the version 1.01 patch was already released, which fixes a large number of errors and also takes care of some points of criticism. The approximately 1 GB patch removes the encryption for the Steam DRM and is thus generally providing more stability and performance. Also some crashes and problems with the player character or NPC have been fixed. The game balance has also been changed and so are the prices of various goods and some skills have been adapted for example. Several animations and character models have been enhanced and hitherto missing voiceovers in German and English are integrated with the update in the game. Noises in the distance should now be played in the correct volume. More information on the patch notes can be found on the official Steam page here.

The saves from patch version 1.00 are compatible with the update, but problems with quests are included in these savegames. Only a reboot of the adventure after installing Patch 1.01 allows the error-corrected Games Quests. Another patch for Raven’s Cry is already in the works.

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