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Rare Hints At Bringing Back Perfect Dark This Summer

Every fan of the Nintendo 64 fondly remembers Perfect Dark, one of the titles that stood out in the last stage of the Japanese console and that was considered at the time as the spiritual successor of Golden Eye: 007. Although the later titles, already on other consoles, left with a bittersweet flavor to the followers of Joanna Dark, these have remained with the desire that a new title of the franchise arrives and perhaps could come true.

Today, Rare’s official Twitter account responded and cited the publication of a user who showed them a beach shorts he had found in his attic, which has a design of Perfect Dark. What could happen as a common date and thanks on behalf of Rare, it became a hype after the account of the company cited the image and ensured that the garment had been found just in time because the summer was near.

After Rare responded, some users mentioned to the company that E3 was also nearby and one of them wrote that he hoped it was a play on words and that it was intentional. Moments after that response, Rare responded to the user: “Finally, someone noticed!” At that time, the fans turned to Rare’s account to express their astonishment and desire that the company is implying that something related to Perfect Dark is coming.

Although it is only a few publications on social networks, it has been enough to ignite the hype of fans of Perfect Dark, although it may also mean nothing, because we must take into account that the company made it clear last year that it was not interested in reviving their old franchises, although we know that this is a dynamic industry and nothing is final. Also, at the beginning of the year, a rumor was leaked that indicates that a new Perfect Dark is on its way to Xbox One.

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