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Randy Pitchford Responds to the Allegations of Former Lawyer of Gearbox Software

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The CEO of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, has intervened on social media to distance himself from the serious allegations that have been charged upon him.

Randy Pitchford has intervened publicly to respond to the recent allegations that have been addressed by the former lawyer of Gearbox Software.

As we reported yesterday, Pitchford received various charges, including stealing $12 million, bonus money that would have been allocated by Take-Two for the development of Borderlands 3. The former lawyer of the company, Wade Callender, sued him in court.

In a series of posts published on Twitter, Gearbox’s CEO stated that these were unfounded accusations and it is a set up published on the media just to get money in return.

“The attacks made by my former friend and colleague have no basis in reality or law. He is simply trying to shake me down for money. We will win, but because lawsuits are pending I can’t comment as much as I’d like. I am shocked by his lies. Thanks for your love and support,” Pitchford wrote on Twitter.

In a second post he added: “As a father, I find crimes against children to be especially repugnant. It is very painful that a former friend and colleague would lie to try to associate me with such vile behavior in his own greedy pursuit of money.”

And again: “As the day progresses, I am discovering who my my friends are. Thank you for your love and support. I am just going to try to focus on my work and trust that truth and justice will prevail with the courts.”

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Meanwhile, Gearbox has announced that it will file a complaint with the State Bar of Texas, a government agency under the control of the Texas Supreme Court.

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