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Randy Pitchford: Gamers Are Not Interested In Services

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With a tweet posted on Twitter, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox hurled himself against the service-oriented video game model. According to Pitchford, gamers are much more interested in the fun – a consideration that publishers should never forget.

“At least one decade ago, I began saying that the relationship we should strive to have with one another is the relationship between an entertainer and an audience. The relationship we need to avoid in our medium is like the relationship between a tobacco company and an addict,” Pitchford stressed on his official Twitter profile.

“Gamers aren’t interested in services, we’re interested in fun. Sometimes a service is a necessary piece of scaffolding for some types of games, but it isn’t the goal – it’s a tool. At Gearbox, I advocate GaaH – “Games as a Hobby” – as our label for the idea,” Randy Pitchford said.

About Gearbox, let’s remember that Borderlands 3 is still waiting for an official presentation despite the half-confirmations that Pitchford has given over the last few months.

Do you agree with these considerations in light of the recent dust raised by microtransactions?