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Rainbow Six Siege will be supported for another year with new content

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With a short message on Twitter, Ubisoft announced that Rainbow Six Siege will receive new content for another year. The developers will therefore continue to support the project with new expansions, updates and DLC.

Rainbow Six Siege Cover
Rainbow Six Siege Cover

Rainbow Six Siege will not let its players without content for another year. The tactical shooter, which featured a weekend of free access has recently received content during 2016, and now it was said that they will continue its activity in 2017.

The developer itself has posted on its official Twitter account the following:

“The past year has been an incredible journey, and we are excited to have you join us for another full year of content!”

Perhaps this explains the survey about a possible second Season Pass of which we spoke in the past, it is that the game’s success has led Troupe to not stop thinking about expanding their content, if possible, expand template further to its frequent players, who this year recorded its best figures since the launch of Siege. To date it has already been updated with DLCs such as Operation BlackIce, Dust Line, Skull Rain and the next, Red Crow.

The fourth expansion of Rainbow Six Siege, called Operation Red Crow, will be available on all platforms from 17 November. At the time of this writing, the publisher has not yet revealed plans its relative support to 2017, but we can still expect maps, characters, weapons and probably also new game modes, so we look forward to more details on this.

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