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Rainbow Six: Siege Update 1.1 download available now

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Available since early December, Rainbow Six: Siege enjoys a first major update, which fixes a number of bugs, but also brings a pack of 4K textures, providing graphics rendering with much better quality.

Since its release on December 1 on PC and gaming consoles, Rainbow Six: Siege has been the subject of numerous returns by players concerning the bugs and other technical problems. Ubisoft has taken note of this data and now publishes a first major patch that fixes a number of things in maps and in the interface of the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Images
Rainbow Six Siege Images

This Update 1.1 also brings a pack of Ultra HD textures (4K) which will be offered as free DLC on PC. This content is designed for players who have a sufficiently swift configuration, but it is possible to use this pack with 1080p or 1440p resolution for those who have a graphics solution with at least 4GB of video memory.

Further improvements are in order with the patch, including some increase in the refresh rate of the position of the players 60 times per second. The complete changelog of this patch is available at this address and some of them below.

Patch Notes Summary:

  • New Content & Features
    • Visual Update
      • DLC Ultra-HD Texture Pack now available for PC Players
    • Community Health
      • Implemented an auto-kick feature for intentional team killers
  • General Tweaks & Improvements
    • Hit Registration
      • Fixed bugs on replication and kill cam:
        • Pawn rotation latency
        • Shield positioning while rappelling
        • Shooting and moving while rappelling
        • Kill cam replication issues
        • Updated server tick rate for PC (intermittent & temporary)
      • Playlist Changes
        • PvP – Ranked playlist HUD has been synced with the Casual playlist
        • Renamed Minimal HUD to Hardcore HUD
      • Ranked Matchmaking Improvements
        • Increased reliability of end-game skill rank updates.
        • The penalty for abandoning a ranked game in progress has been temporarily reduced to 8 minutes.
        • Skill rank icon is now displayed on the game’s main screen, next to your level.
      • Other Matchmaking Improvements
        • PvP & PvE matchmaking bug fixes
      • Balancing
        • PvP – Reduced time to detect Defenders outside from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
        • PvE – Reduced the maximum number of White Masks and reduced wave sizes in Terrorist Hunt – Disarm Bomb.
      • Player Comfort
        • Increased the amount of characters available in the chatbox from 32 characters to 128 characters.
        • Glaz scope visibility enhanced.
    • Top Community Raised Bug Fixes
      • Gameplay fixes
      • Level Design fixes
      • Online Flow fixes
      • Visual fixes
      • UI fixes
      • Miscellaneous fixes