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E3 2019: Rainbow Six Quarantine Releases Early 2020, First Trailer Revealed

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Confirming the persistent rumors of the last few days, Ubisoft has officially revealed the new Rainbow Six Quarantine on the stage of its E3 2019 conference.

Just as the leaks wanted, it is a first-person shooter with a strong cooperative component for 3 players and inspired by the Outbreak mode. For the uninitiated, let’s talk about the time event that arrived last March 2018 in Rainbow Six Siege and that proposed three different missions to be faced in the company of two other players and in which you had to defeat hordes of monstrous creatures ever more dangerous.

The launch trailer clearly shows Ela, one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most famous operators, thus confirming the link with the competitive multiplayer shooter. In addition, fans will be glad to know that Rainbow Six Quarantine will release Early 2020 next year.

About Rainbow Six, did you know that Ubisoft has made official that R6 Siege will never go to F2P to prevent the community from becoming toxic? It also appears that the new Operation Phantom Sight season, with operators Nokk and Warden, will debut tomorrow. Among the other innovations announced during the conference, we find the new Watch Dogs Legion, in which you can take on the role of any NPC.

Tell us, what do you think of what Ubisoft has shown to us? Does this new co-op game inspire you, or did you expect anything else? Check the first trailer below.