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Rainbow Six Quarantine Could Be Announced by Ubisoft at E3 2019

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Ubisoft is one of the companies most affected by the leaks in the face of E3 2019, and some of the launches that will be shown at the fair like the new Watch Dogs Legion or Roller Champions have already been revealed. But a new rumor points out that we will see a new game called Rainbow Six Quarantine during its conference.

The information comes from Jason Schreirer, journalist of Kotaku, who has commented that it will be a spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege, and will be called Rainbow Six Quarantine and will be located in space.

According to the information that Schreirer has transmitted, the project began calling itself Pioneer, something that we saw in a mission of Watch Dogs 2. It was a game of space exploration directed by Alex Hutchison (Far Cry 4), but that finally suffered a great change in development and became a cooperative shooter.

Schreirer also commented that the game would be shown at the Ubisoft conference of E3 2019 and that it would supposedly come out during this fiscal year, which would end on March 31 of next year.

It may be one of the 3 Triple-A launches that Ubisoft had prepared for this fiscal year, but they had not announced yet. We will have to wait for E3 2019 to leave any doubts.

We remind you that the Ubisoft conference will be held on Monday, June 11. We will remain attentive to all the news that the French company shows during its conference.