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Rainbow Moon & Rainbow Skies game download available on PS4 in 2016

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Two new games are going to come on PS4 next year. The first release will be Rainbow Moon and the second one will be Rainbow Skies. Both games offer you a distinctive yet effective gameplay. Not like a very high end 3D graphics game, it is still playable and ideal for all ages. The game is also going to release on PS3 and PS Vita. But it is not clear that players among different platform do have any kind of online mode for playing together. But as per the game developer there would be a cross buy feature that will work on different platforms. This feature will let players to move their Save game data from one platform to another. So that they can continue the game from last mission left. Instead of playing everything again from start. But this would be in the first game of Rainbow Moon. Cross buy is not cleared about Rainbow Skies.  Rainbow Skies is a fantasy game.

Rainbow Moon & Rainbow Skies
Rainbow Moon & Rainbow Skies

Rainbow Moon & Rainbow Skies games offers a color world to explore that is infested with a variety of deadly creature. There are also dungeons and battles in the game. So players have to move with a strategy. There are shops where players can buy stuff and upgrade themselves. The game supports different characters upgrades that can make them stronger. With this you can also use a variety of weapons. The game supports wide customization options also. You can find few images of the same on PlayStation blog where the game is announced. With that there is also a video below that gives you a glimpse of gameplay.