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Rage 2 Cracked Within 24 Hours, Bethesda Shop Version Doesn’t Include Denuvo DRM

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Yesterday, Rage 2 was released,  and Bethesda recently updated the Steam page of the game to indicate that the title uses the notorious Denuvo protection system. In reality, it should not be surprising at all, as Bethesda has always used Denuvo to protect the games it publishes (Generation Zero, created by Avalanche in its own right, does not use it), it is surprising that they have just updated their release.

Rage 2 which is formally protected by Denuvo DRM on the Steam platform for PC, however, for some reason, there is no protection in the Bethesda’s client of the game.

Therefore, some notorious enthusiasts did not have to mess around to get the files they needed to run the game autonomously without any protection, which, according to Steam users, caused various performance problems, and the downloads lasted much longer.

Perhaps, given the situation, Bethesda might decide to remove protection from all copies of the game.

And now the positive news: Rage 2 will use the Vulkan graphics API. Fact declared by Nvidia itself with the update of the new drivers just released for the occasion. Not only that, but it is also confirmed by the presence of the “ShadersVulkan_F.shader_bundle” file present in the game folder.