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Rage 2 Leaked in A Short Teaser Video

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We’ve been waiting for official information on Rage 2 for a few days now, and here it is. Thanks to a leak circulating on the web this morning, the long-awaited teaser video of Rage 2 has finally been shown, up to now under discussion between user speculations and tweets from Bethesda, more and more directed towards communicating a precise date: the May 14th.

The video, visible at the bottom of the article, is nothing but a teaser. You can then say goodbye to clips of gameplay or trailers that can go over a minute. What we have seen, however, has completely changed the cards on the table for the Rage series, which now shows itself in shades very different from those that who have played the very first chapter, originally released in 2011 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Whether it was a careful choice or not, it’s hard to know, but now we’re here. In the next hours we should see the complete (and official) RAGE 2 teaser, perhaps linked to the very first sections of the game, where we will discover the new post-apocalyptic universe even better imagined by the Bethesda team.

We leave you to the teaser below, reminding you however that the US company could soon take down these leaked videos, eliminating any trace of their existence, but fortunately many users have saved a backup of the video that has now “infested” the network.

Anyone interested in taking a first look at this short teaser trailer will be able to find it at this link, while others can wait a few more hours when Bethesda officially announces the game. Remember to follow us to get the latest news on Rage 2 in real time.