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Rage 2 Day One Patch Size Revealed for Xbox One and PS4

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Rage 2 is not even officially available and is already being played in version 1.02.

More and more players have already received their version of Rage 2, while we are still waiting to get our hands on the review copy of this game from Bethesda. While some moaning gamers are already playing the game, there are also some details about the update. As a result, the game has received a 13 GB Day One patch on Xbox One to be upgraded to version 1.02.

In addition, there is the possibility in the graphics settings to increase the FOV (Field of View) up to 90°. If you want, you can turn off Motion Blur & Chromatic Aberration in the options.

On the other hand, according to the information shared by some lucky players who are already exploring the devastated zone in the company of the Ranger Walker, the day one patch of Rage 2 on PS4 will include a 14 GB installation file, a size not particularly high for a modern AAA-standard game.

These sizes refer to the day one patch of the PlayStation 4 version and carry the title to occupy 45.54 GB on the hard disk. The size of RAGE 2 and the day one patch on PS4 should not deviate much from the values ​​of the PC and Xbox One versions, so we recommend freeing up about 50 GB of disk space on your platform.

In recent news, it was confirmed that BFG 9000 weapon will be exclusive to Deluxe Editions and Collector’s Edition and it cannot Be obtained in the base game.

Rage 2 will be released on May 14, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. What do you think about this day one patch? Which one of you is already playing the game? Tell us in the comments below.