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Race the Sun DLC Sun in Sunrise download available now

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Race the Sun was released in August 19, 2013 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS. The game came out quite a long back and now we are getting it in news back due to its new DLC Sun in Sunrise. The game is an endless runner platform game. It offers you a very soothing environment, simple controls and an amazing environment. It is a simple yet thrilling game that offers you ample of new things to test out. Race the Sun game offers you online leaderboard where you can compare your score; it has its own community and this new content offers you better experience. Sun in Sunrise is the latest DLC for this game that offers some new stuff. The DLC is available for download and costs around $1.99 US. The game is backed by many players through Kickstarter. Being an endless runner game you don’t have any time limit to play or wait back for a mission to end.

Race the Sun Game Pics
Race the Sun Game Pics

It’s your choice to play till the time you want. The game offers relaxing experience when you play and offer some kind of thrill in between that makes it quite amazing. Player controls a solar powered spaceship in this game. It has a simple gameplay where you can avoid obstacles, avoid lasers, and keep moving ahead. The Sun slowly sets down. If the sun sets then the game is over. So you just have to keep moving at all cost without suffering from much damage.  The new DLC brings up a new gameplay environment and few more challenges. Checkout the video below for more details: