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R-Type Compilation Is Coming To SNES By Retro-Bit

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Thanks to the current trend that has given an important space for the appreciation of classic titles, some companies are taking advantage of the presence of adequate conditions to launch physical editions for old consoles. On this occasion, Retro-Bit is preparing a Collector’s Edition of Super R-Type and R-Type III: The Third Lightning for SNES.

As iam8bit released a physical reissue of Street Fighter II a few months ago for Super Nintendo, Retro-Bit/Castlemania is doing the same and announced the next release of the reissue of Super R-Type and R-Type III for the second home console of Nintendo.

According to the announcement, the reissue is licensed by Irem, the company in charge of the original development, and will offer an interesting collection package for enthusiasts.

The package includes a cartridge for SNES with the 2 sets and special design, collection boxes, color manual, limited edition lithographs, a set of commemorative pins and a certificate of authenticity. There is still no information regarding the release date and the price of this reissue.

Super R-Type is a horizontal shooter developed by Irem and released for Super Famicom and SNES in 1991, while R-Type III appeared on Super Famicom in 1993 and it was until 1994 that it reached SNES.

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