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Questions to Ask Before Signing Up for a Travel Credit Card

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Travel credit cards can be a great way to save more on your travel while also getting access to other types of benefits when you make your booking. However, signing up for a travel credit card is also a big step, and it’s a good idea to make that step knowledgeably. Here are a few questions you should decide the answer to before you sign up.

  1. How Often Do You Travel?

First and foremost, how often do you actually travel? If you travel once or twice a year around the holidays, a travel credit card may not help you much. If you travel all the time for business or pleasure, however, a travel credit card can help immensely in bringing down your travel expenses.

  1. Do You Have a Preferred Travel Company?

Is there a specific travel company that you tend to prefer to fly or book hotels with? If you currently tend to go with whatever’s the cheapest, you’re unlikely to know which card will work best for you. However, if you often travel with a specific company, you’ll do best to stick with that company as much as possible.

  1. Where Do You Enjoy Traveling the Most?

This is an important question to ask because it can help you decide on a company to get the credit card for. If you live in the United States and you travel most frequently to Canada, you’ll want to choose a credit card with a company that flies between the United States and Canada. 

  1. What Is the Annual Fee for the Card?

Many travel credit cards come with an annual fee. This is normal, especially if the card offers a significant number of benefits. However, you have to make sure the benefits are worth the annual fee, which you can think of as sort of a “membership fee.” The more often you travel during a year, the more likely it will be that you can spring for a card with a higher annual fee.

  1. What Are the Differences Between Cards the Company Offers?
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It’s extremely common for a single travel company to offer multiple credit cards. These credit cards will often provide different benefits, annual fees, sign-on bonuses, and other fees. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your needs, it’s a good idea to check as many deals as possible, such as the  Southwest credit card bonuses. That way, you can get a good overview of the different cards a company may offer, which will often provide different benefits depending on the card.


Signing up for a travel credit card can absolutely be a great way to save money on your travel expeditions. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing a travel credit card as part of your travel process, but you need to make sure you’re getting the right credit card. As long as you’re able to answer these questions, you’ll be well on your way to getting the credit card that makes sense for your unique situation.