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Quantum Break Windows 10 Release Time updated by Remedy

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Today is the official release date for Quantum Break, but apparently PC users will have to wait several hours before playing the title on your computer. Remedy Entertainment has in fact posted a message on Twitter stating that the product will be available on Windows Store at 6am PST aka 4pm Finland time.

Quantum Break Screenshot
Quantum Break Screenshot

Quantum Break is out today on Xbox One and PC, however many users of Windows 10 are complaining about the impossibility to perform the download, since the game would not be present in the Windows Store.

Remedy has now tried to clarify by specifying that the title on the store will appear in the afternoon, as stated above earlier. In a few hours the game will appear on the Windows Store and can be purchased and downloaded, but remember that there is no retail version of PC.

Quantum Break is, however, already available on Xbox One, let us know if you have already purchased the game in the comment section below.

In Quantum Break, you’re Jack Joyce, a young man who returns to his hometown after many years at the request of his childhood friend Paul Serene. Joyce finds Serene is working on a time machine and, as you might imagine, the experiment goes very wrong. Time as we know is at risk of disappearing, and it is up to our protagonist to fix this mess.

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