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Quantum Break Title Updates for Xbox One and Windows 10 available at the end of this week

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The PR Head of Remedy Entertainment, Thomas Puha, has just revealed on his twitter page that Quantum Break is going to get a new Title Update scheduled to be released at the end of this week for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Quantum Break Screenshot

According to the official tweet of Thomas Puha, PR Head of Remedy Entertainment, it is noted that a Title Update patch for Quantum Break is scheduled to be released this week on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. You can check his tweet below:

Thomas Puha, further stressed on his offficial Twitter account that “the Title Update’s are still in testing and have been since last week, still some bugs to fix. We are hoping to get them out by the end of the week but if there are problems in testing, could be postponed. Hoping not! There simply is not a lot to say when making a patch and processing it. There is testing, fixing etc which takes days. And more days.

As many might have noticed in the Remedy forums, it is the Windows 10 PC verison where players are suffering from major issues like “game crashing immediately at startup” and so on. On the other hand, Quantum Break on Xbox One is not having major issues apart from some irritating long loading times due to some network issues.

In any case, if everything goes as planned, we should see the output of this Title Update for Quantum Break soon, unless it gets delayed as mentioned by Puha.