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Quantum Break runs at 720P on Xbox One?

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By doing some preliminary analysis on the aesthetic appearance of Quantum Break on Xbox One, Digital Foundry has come up against some technical problems that have prevented many of our British colleagues to understand exactly the resolution of the title of Remedy.

Quantum Break

As also explained in the document published by the development company in 2015, some elements of the game, such as lighting and ambient occlusion, are rendered in 1280×720, while causing a bit of confusion, since the declared final resolution is 1920×1080. According to the analysis Digital Foundry, from every test performed on the title, the pixel count revealed a native resolution of 720p.

While Quantum Break presents an impressive graphics, enhanced by models of realistic characters and a more solid frame rate at 30 frames per second, a deeper look shows some compromises taken to have being adapted to the hardware of the console of Microsoft. The visual distance for example, just like some shadows, are the less successful aspects of the technical side, it is also not uncommon to see the quality of the assets vary as you get closer to them. Even volumetric lighting effects are often not fine as you would expect.

While Digital Foundry awaits clarification from Remedy, colleagues remind us that the development company is known for its creative use of the resolutions. With Alan Wake, in fact, the number of pixels are down to 960×544 which is even below the 720p native threshold, but the use of the 4x MSAA filter mitigated the impoverishment of the resolution.

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Quantum Break was made ​​using the most advanced technology but the developers have had to compromise to offer a satisfying gaming experience on the Xbox One. On April 5, the title will be available simultaneously for PC, which will provide a minimum resolution of 1080p. At the bottom of this news we offer a movie dedicated to the controversial resolution and a more general video (again referred to the aesthetic side).