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Quantum Break PC won’t release on Steam, confirmed by Microsoft

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The PC version of Quantum Break will be available exclusively in-house Microsoft Windows Store, so we wont get it on Steam and other platforms. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg in podcast with colleague Larry Hryb has made this annoucement. Quantum Break will be published from 5th April 2016, both on Xbox One and PC.

Quantum Break Screenshot

The joy among the PC-owners was great when Quantum Break was announced a few days ago for their platform. The release takes place even at the same time with the Xbox One version held on April 5.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg (Xbox Marketing Manager) dampened the joy here over the weekend, however, at least a little bit. The podcast by colleague Larry “Majar Nelson” Hryb (Director of Programming for Xbox Live) confirms that Quantum Break will only be available in the Windows Store, so it will not come on Steam and other comparable digital sales platforms.

While some will be disappointed that Steam is left out, it is a logical decision from Microsoft that does not want to sell one of its key games to a competitor. The objective is clearly to put forward the Windows Store to attract players, as per the developers.

Note however that this is a policy change from what Kevin Unangst, senior director for the PC game part in the Xbox group, said last year in an interview with PC Gamer. Thus, he explained that not wanting to be a competitor to Steam, but be a complement to offer more choice and above all maximize the success of a title.

In any case, recently a subdomain of Xbox was also leaked on Steam generating all kinds of speculation. It is best to wait for the event that Microsoft prepares for Windows 10 coming out of all doubts.