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Quantum Break Launch Trailer for Xbox One and Windows 10 Revealed

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Microsoft has released a new trailer for Quantum Break, the next game of the Finnish studio Remedy (responsible for Max Payne, Alan Wake) which has the distinction of being exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10.

Quantum Break Screenshot

In development for several years, Quantum Break finally prepares its final launch. The next game from the studio Remedy – to whom we owe the Max Payne and Alan Wake licenses – is intended especially for a promising third person shooter (TPS) game.

Indeed, the game will base its gameplay on the possibility of Jack Joyce – the hero of the game – to manipulate time. Also, the phases of shooting to change the shots of bullet time, according to the gauges available, is shown in the video. The video below also offers a glimpse of all the other possibilities included in the game.

The trailer confirms that Quantum Break will be available on Windows 10 even though the development has been delayed. The title of Remedy is still available for pre-loading on Xbox One for the more impatient, however, remember to free up space on your hard drive since it will require 44GB on the hard drive of your Xbox One.

Quantum Break is scheduled to go out at 5 April 2016 Xbox One and PC. For the PC platform, you will need to have the Windows 10 operating system installed in your computer and purchase the game through the Windows Store of Microsoft.

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