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Quantum Break comes to Steam and Retail on September 14th

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Quantum Break, the action game in the third person that came to Xbox One and Windows 10 earlier this year, is on its way to Steam. Microsoft announced that the title of Remedy will be available on the platform of Valve on 14th September.

Quantum Break Steam Edition

Microsoft has announced that Quantum Break will come to Steam and will be available in physical format on 14 September for 39.99 dollars.

That’s not all. Microsoft and Remedy have reached an agreement with Nordic Games to distribute a physical version of Quantum Break for PCs in stores. The Timeless Collector’s Edition will include a copy of the game on 5 discs, a Blu-Ray of the development of the game, a book, a physical copy of the soundtrack, 2 posters and quick start guide.

According to the official announcement from Microsoft, both editions of Quantum Break will cost $40 USD. These new versions of the game will include all updates available on Quantum Break for Windows 10.

“Besides being a new IP (which is a bold move), Quantum Break turned out to be a sophisticated and visually stunning shooter with a great selection of players,” said Reinhard Pollice, executive of Nordic Games.

This news comes weeks after Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who said that he would like to have more of their releases available on Steam. What other Microsoft title would you like to have on the platform of Valve? Tell us in the comments below.