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Quality of the graphics is more important than story for American gamers

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The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) asked 4,000 American players to list the most important factors considered when purchasing a new video game. In the first place, with 67% of the vote, we find the quality of graphics and technical sector.

Despite the current episode of Call of Duty which has been criticized by many gamers, because of its background having a futuristic gameplay, Infinite Warfare has still achieved excellent sales results, confirming, in 2016, the best selling game in the United States.

The Entertainment Software Association has recently published a ranking of sales of video games in the US relative to last year, based on data from NPD Group, Retail Tracking Service and Digital Games Tracking Service.

The report issued by ESA cites products such as Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, Yooka-Laylee and Pillars of Eternity, whose sales may have been adversely affected by its technical sector. In addition, there are also mentioned games like Dark Souls III and Final Fantasy XV, titles that consumers would buy for the graphics and not for the interest in the sagas of belonging to or for the quality of the gameplay.

Respondents also listed the price as the second reason for the purchase, followed by the plot and the options for online multiplayer, as shown in the infografics published above.

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