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PUBG on Xbox One X Hits 30 FPS With Latest Patch

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PUBG Corp. continues working on the version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox One and Xbox One X, so recently a patch was released to improve the performance of the game.

According to the company, the latest update was launched on the server to improve the features that were needed during the first patch. However, it seems that Xbox One X still has an advantage over Xbox One.

Digital Foundry released a new video to analyze the improvements of this new update. While the Battle Royale already manages to reach 30 fps stable in certain segments, the game continues with major drops when there is a lot of action on the screen, such as in the lobby or when jumping from the plane during the start of the games.

On Xbox One the falls are up to 15 fps, while on Xbox One X the game runs at 20 fps when there are multiple items on the screen. It should be noted that on both platforms some performance problems continue to occur, and although the game is already starting to work better, the performance is far from optimal.

PUBG on Xbox One is part of the Game Preview section, this means that the title is still in development and it will take a few months to launch the full version. In recent days several patches have reached Battle Royale, although the game continues to go through difficult times.

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