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PUBG On Xbox One Is Already Popular, Leaderboard Data Shows More Than 496,000 Players

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Available for just two days on Xbox One via the Game Preview program, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can already count on a community of more than 496,000 users on the Microsoft console. Definitely an encouraging debut for Bluehole’s Battle Royale title, PUBG, after the dizzying numbers recorded on PC.

Thanks to the success obtained on Steam, therefore, PUBG was warmly welcomed by the Xbox users. The game, however, is not particularly satisfying from the point of view of technical performance: the frame-rate, in fact, is still very unstable, with negative peaks of 17fps on Xbox One/Xbox One S and 21fps on Xbox One X.

Naturally, it must be considered that the game – as is also true for the PC version – is still in the Early Access phase. The problem seems to be the lack of optimization of memory and CPU power. Scenes containing a lot of greenery are hard to process and a large number of players sharing the game does not help.

The game is known for its lack of optimization, even on PC, but such low performance is starting to put some off. For further information on the technical side of the console edition of the game, we refer you to follow this link.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available for PC and Xbox One. The competitive title of Bluehole will be released from the Early Access stage on PC on December 20th.