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PUBG Season 13: Get All The Latest Updates of the Upcoming Version!

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All the updates have been set for the upcoming season 13. After every two months, franchise releases PUBG updated version. As you know the PUBG season 12 released in March 2020 and now people are curious about the PUBG season 13 that will come after two months in May. Let’s talk about all the latest features and release date of Oubg season 13.


Features of PUBG Season 13

Well, it is expected that the upcoming version will come with minor bug fixes. It features a snow-white arctic theme that gives you a swashbuckling experience.

The beta launch game was praised by the players all around the world, and 60 million units have been sold. The gamers widely appreciated the recent release and fixing the bugs.

In the previous season 12, there were many skin colour changes and a variety of multiple outfits. There are many reward weapons skins are available like Kar 98K, the PP-19 Bizon and the Pan and now it is expected that the version is coming with more attacking comrade weapons.

Anniversary Trailer

PUBG 3rd-anniversary trailer released, therefore, fans are crazy about that here you can watch. Before the release of season 12, the publisher announced that there is need more time to develop the map features. So they worked hard and updated and increased the version of the map in season 12.

In the last season map, players were able to joy many rides in the amusement park in the orange map. Moreover, this part latest version comes with white layers artic theme where gamers kill the chicken.

Latest Features of Season 13

there are many features such as team reservation, esports centre, radio feature, crew challenge upgrade, grenade kill broadcast and much more.

Players have much time to play all these additions before the next one. With Arena mode, players will get more activities for earning rewards.

Release date of PUBG season 13

Players are so excited as they are asking about the release date of the season 13. Therefore PUBG Season 13 will release in May 2020.