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PUBG Suffering from Performance Issues on Xbox One

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Yesterday was the much-anticipated debut of PUBG on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the popular Battle Royale did not enter the console world with the right foot, since it presents several performance problems in all the models of the current generation console.

Through an analysis posted on its YouTube channel, Digital Foundry pointed out that, in the moments before the battle, PUBG runs at 18 frames rates per second on Xbox One, while on Xbox One X it has a frame rate of 23fps. On the other hand, in the section of the aircraft, the Battle Royale presents 15 frames rates per second on the regular model of the Microsoft console.

That said, this is not present in the whole experience and there are several points where the game runs at 30 frames per second. Thus, it seems that performance problems are present when there are several users on screen or when players are on a vehicle.

Before showing you the analysis of Digital Foundry it is important to note that PUBG is a launch of the Game Preview program, so it is a game that is still under development and it is very likely that in the future a patch that improves its performance will come. In addition, its PC version has faced similar problems and players have had to resort to some tricks to get some additional frames per second.

In another news, we think you’ll be interested to know that its version 1.0 for PC will debut very soon. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available for Xbox One and PC.

Now that you saw the video, tell us what do you think of the performance of PUBG on consoles? Do you think that this will affect your gaming experience?