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PUBG PC 1.0 Update 12 Available Now, Includes Map Selection

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There is good news for the community of PUBG on PC. The title received one more patch that, in addition to making general improvements, releases some interesting developments for the Battle Royale.

According to reports, it was a matter of time before the option of selecting maps will be activated. Patch 12 finally enable this function, so you can now decide between playing in Erengel or Miramar. Savage will also be available in the next few months.

If this does not seem like much to you, take into account that PUBG also received general adjustments of the balance in its weapons. So, as of today, some pistols will be more powerful, while others will have less power.

The surprises do not end there, because there is a new gun: the .62 DMR SLR. According to PUBG Corp., this weaponry will be in the standard loot boxes and is more powerful than the SKS, but has a higher level of recoil.

Also, you will find a new vehicle called the Mirado, it is a muscle car that you can take advantage of only in your games in Miramar. In this map there were also some changes because the number of buildings in some sections was reduced, elements were added to cover you in open spaces and the oasis region was enlarged.

All changes and additions are now available on the PC test servers. Once the patch is stable, it will arrive at the servers live so everyone can enjoy the news. Here you can find the complete changelogs of the new patch.

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