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PUBG Patch 1.0 Download Available Soon, Includes New Interface and Weapons

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is getting ready to receive Patch 1.0, which will be available on PC through the test servers between this week and the next.

Thanks to this update, the game would reach the final version that will go on sale. Among the most important changes, we find a redesign of the user interface: the health bars of our teammates will move to the lower left, the colors will be modified and new brands and indicators will be added to the minimap.

On the other hand, the update also includes two new weapons: the DP-28 and the AUG A3. In turn, the Kar98k will disappear from the red boxes, although the chances of finding it on the battlefield will remain the same.

This patch will also include the mechanics of jumps and somersaults, and will adjust the area of damage of the characters: from now on they will receive less damage if they are landing on hands or feet, or they will lose more life if the bullets hit the thighs or arms.

To consult all the changes that this new patch will add, we invite you to visit its Steam page at the following link.

Check out the gameplay changelog of Patch 1.0 below:

• Reduced the hit damage for hands and feet and increased the hit damage on thighs and arms.
• The healing period for bandages has been reduced to 4.5 seconds from 8.5 seconds. The casting time and the amount of health restored are the same as before.
• Players can now parachute and land on certain areas that were not previously accessible, including the outskirts of the island.
• Added markings for zeroing distances on 15x scope reticle texture .
• Added new 4x reticle for 7.62mm weapons.
• Added new 4x reticle for sniper and SMG weapons.
• Added blur effect on the outside of scopes.
• Bullets now penetrate water based on the velocity of projectile (the faster the velocity, more shallow the penetration).
• Lowered camera position when proning in third-person.
• Decreased firing rate of SKS and Mini-14.
• Increased sprinting speed while holding DMR in hands (now as fast as assualt rifles).
• Decreased recoil for Mk14.
• 8x and 15x scopes cannot be attached to an M16A now.