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PUBG Mobile Guide: Tips To Survive Longer in the Game

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Although PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is among the most famous games of the last few years, its release on the mobile world has meant that many players approached the title for the first time ever. If you are among these, follow us in this guide: we will list some tips to better address the experience of PUBG Mobile.

First of all, however, a premise: being the playful experience offered by PUBG Mobile fundamentally is identical to that offered by the home version, many of the following tips will also apply to this last version; direct advice specifically to the mobile version will be, as we will be able to investigate, mostly related to the way in which to approach the system of commands specially designed to work on a touch screen. We will have the opportunity to deepen both of these aspects.

The basics:
If you were completely new to the experience of PUBG (or rather, the battle royale as a whole), know that understanding the concept of the game is anything but complex. You will indeed be catapulted in a map with 100 other players, in order to survive as long as possible; initially, you will have nothing to defend yourself with and you will be forced to collect equipment and supporting objects scattered around the map; the stronger your equipment will be, the greater the chances of it being in a collision with another player and, consequently, of stealing the equipment in his possession. From time to time, a blue circle will restrict the air of play, forcing the remaining players to reunite in a smaller and smaller hand area and, consequently, increasing the chances of collision. Needless to say: the last man (or the last team, depending on the game mode) left standing, will be the winner.

The Landing Zone:
PUBG Mobile landing area, as well as its home counterpart, will not let you start at random: at the start of the game you will be on a plane flying over the map, and you will have to decide where to land. Given the extreme importance of the first minutes of play, this initial choice will be at least fundamental for the purpose of a possible success. There will basically be two choices: land in a crowded and dangerous area but rich in loot (such as military base or school), or land in less frequented areas but with less potential.

The mechanism of risk-reward is quite evident: if you are willing to risk landing in a dangerous area and you manage to survive the first frantic minutes, the game will reward you with a substantial initial advantage; if instead you want a more calm and sure start, you will have to give up having “everything at once”. The crisis is to be traced according to your style of play (are you cautious or aggressive?), but especially based on your experience: if you are a beginner, in fact, we advise you to land first in more secluded places, and to dare only after a few games, and approach to large areas.

The equipment:
Going to treat the vital equipment or loot (which includes weapons, ammunition, grenades, objects to heal, and the like) that you can find around the map or once knocked down an enemy, it is good to introduce one of the changes to take into account when we are going to face the mobile version of PUBG: the fact that PUBG Mobile automatically collects and selects the strongest piece of equipment. In this sense, newcomers will not have to worry: as long as you do not want to go into the most advanced system mechanics (just access the inventory by tapping the bag icon), the game will take care of everything for you.

The battle:
Here we come to the element of greater distinction between the mobile version and the home version of PUBG: Gunplay. If you have a mouse, keyboard and controller on the console and PC, on mobile the more users will have nothing but a touch screen – littered with round icons designed to replace the various keys. The icons of the projectiles, conveniently positioned both on the left and on the right of the screen, will be what you need to press to shoot.

By touching the viewfinder icon, the view will go first: using the viewfinder can give a huge help on the long distance when the use of hip fire (the shoot without a viewfinder) would prove otherwise too inaccurate. It is good to note, however, how the hip fire itself can turn out to be a good idea both in exciting situations on the short distance, and when we are prone or crouched: in such positions, in fact, the hip fire will be relatively more accurate. It will be possible to access the positions ready and crouched by touching the appropriate icons on the right of the screen.

Regarding the recoil management, this must be clearly adapted to the type of weapon we currently hold. In general, keep in mind that it will be more effective to touch the button several times to shoot even with automatic weapons or burst fires.