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PUBG Killer Spectator Mode Available Now on PC

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Undoubtedly, one of the best characteristics of multiplayer experiences is the possibility of growing with the community and learning from each session to improve our level of play. Like all multiplayer titles with some time in the market, PUBG already has an average level of play that can intimidate those looking to be part of the community, however, soon a feature that could motivate new players will be enabled.

By means of an announcement on the official website of PUBG on Steam, the development team of the Battle Royale of PUBG Corp. presented the new update that, in addition to the traditional correction of errors and the realization of certain adjustments, is testing on servers dedicated to that end the role of spectator of the player who gets eliminated.

This function, which is far from the Death Cam, allows us to follow the performance of the player who eliminated us and check whether it was a stroke of luck or a more experienced user. Thanks to that implementation, you can know different forms of game and strategies on the battlefield because, as you know, so far no artificial intelligence offers the difficulty generated by human thought.

To activate the spectator function in PUBG, it will only be enough for you to select the Watch option once you have been eliminated. Immediately, the game will place you as a spectator and you can analyze the style of the one that eliminated you or enjoy when they eliminate any other. This option is also available for Duo and Squadron modes and in case you detect that the player who finished your participation in the pitched battle cheated, you can report it.

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Currently, the viewer function is available on the PUBG test servers on PC and it is expected to be available soon for all players.