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PUBG Hits 4 Million Players on Xbox One

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PUBG continues to reap survivors on Xbox One, as evidenced by the new track record of Microsoft. To celebrate the performance, players will receive in-game credits.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is an incredible phenomenon in the video industry that continues to amaze with the number of players, activity records, and sales pace.

The arrival of the Xbox One version allowed a new audience access to this PC success and in just one month, more than 3 million players were registered. However, this impressive number has already been beaten.

Two weeks later, Microsoft announced that the PUBG community on Xbox One already exceeded 4 million players, confirming once again that the game is a phenomenon of popularity.

In just two weeks, PUBG on Xbox One got 1 million players and Microsoft joined PUBG Corp. to reward all players who are contributing to this success.

Until 31 January, you just need to log in and you will receive 30,000 free Battle Points. The Xbox Game Preview version of PUBG continues to advance its development; this Tuesday it received the sixth update, which solves performance problems and improves the overall gameplay.