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PUBG Gets Replay Function Ahead Patch v1.0 Release

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PUBG Corp. continues to work on the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game experience. If you are one of those who likes to watch the replays of the games, we have good news for you. The company confirmed that with a new update you can do it in the Battle Royal.

Thanks to the update, you can register a total of 20 replays, which will show you all the action that happens 1 kilometer away from your location. If you have the option enabled, the replay will be shown at the end of each game.

As usual in this type of modes, you can manipulate the camera and experience the encounters from different angles. Undoubtedly, this addition will be quite attractive for some players, especially for those who are involved in the competitive scene.

On the other hand, the company confirmed that they are also working on an option to choose the map. Currently, the games are developed randomly either in Erangel or Miramar. Given the differences between the zones, which imply important changes in the strategy, PUBG Corp. will let the players choose where they want to dispute their fight.

The option to repeat the games is currently active on the game test servers on PC. Regarding the choice of the map, it was indicated that the system will be implemented in a future update. So there is not yet a defined date for it.

The 1.0 update also includes some general optimizations to the game. Like improvements in the system of combinations of keys and correction of multiple errors. The update will arrive at the servers live this December 20. Here you can find the current patch notes for the game.