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PUBG Creator Talks About Copycat Developers and Better IP protection in Games

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When a game gets an overwhelming success it is inevitable that similar products come to the market and in some cases, we even get to talk about real clones. PUBG, for example, is one of those titles that has recently inspired many development teams, just think of Fortnite’s Battle Royale or the Chinese market, where clones are not lacking.

Brendan Greene creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, however, does not appreciate the arrival of similar titles to his and recently wanted to urge the gaming industry to implement more effective methods in terms of copyright. Speaking at the Radio 1 Gaming Show, Green wanted to emphasize that in other entertainment sectors the methods to protect Intellectual Property are more stringent and efficient.

“There’s no intellectual protection in games. In movies and music, there is IP protection and you can really look after your work. In gaming that doesn’t exist yet, and it’s something that should be looked into,” Greene said.

“Some amazing games pass under the radar. Then someone else takes the idea, has a marketing budget, and suddenly has a popular game because they ripped off someone else’s idea. I think it’s something the industry needs to look into,” Greene further stated.

“I want this genre of games to grow. For that to happen you need new and interesting spins on the game mode. If it’s just copycats down the line, then the genre doesn’t grow and people get bored,” Greene concluded.

Most likely, the example of advertising mentioned by Green is referred to as “the bitter enemy” of PUBG, Fortnite. Epic Games has been repeatedly accused by Bluehole of having copied the mode of Battle Royal implemented in its game directly from PUBG and it is clear that the creators of the Unreal Engine have budgets higher than those of the Korean software house.

Surely also the many clones of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds born in China have not been particularly appreciated by Brendan Green, but we must not forget that the genre “Battle Royale” is not born from Bluehole but other games, among which H1Z1, brought the genre to succeed.