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PUBG 1.0 for PC Download Available Now With Free Tshirt for a Limited Time

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Today is an important day for the community of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as the game finally leaves Early Access. This implies a series of improvements in the gaming experience, as well as additions and general adjustments for the Battle Royal that comes with PUBG 1.0 version.

Bluehole shared the news in the forums of Steam, where it detailed the news of this update. Also, the company confirmed that it prepared something special for all players. Simply start PUBG to receive a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner t-shirt at no cost. The t-shirt will only be available for the next few weeks, so do not miss the opportunity to get it.

“The 1.0 launch marks the end of the first chapter of our development team’s effort to bring forth the best battle royale experience for our players. But this is just the beginning. After 1.0 is out, we will continue to uphold our open development principles and keep listening to your feedback, as we have done through Alpha, Beta, and Early Access stages of the process,” the developers commented.

The team said they have made important adjustments to optimize the gaming experience. Thus, they estimate that there will be a decrease of almost 50% instability problems. They also stressed that they consider limiting the maximum ping depending on the network of users to offer a more fluid gaming environment.

On the other hand, creatives have also worked to reduce the use of traps and third-party software to gain an advantage in PUBG. The team reaffirmed its commitment to continue punishing users with inappropriate behavior. In addition, the studio took the opportunity to thank the entire community for the continued support.

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The PUBG 1.0 version includes settings to reduce memory usage, which will mean less slowdown when there are many items on the screen. The animations were polished, the interface of the lobby and the user’s interface were completely redesigned. The load times were improved, the Replay function was added and there will be more choice and opportunities for the Miramar map, an area that will have several types of weather.

New weapons, vehicles, as well as several languages, were added in PUBG 1.0, including Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish and traditional Chinese. If you want to know the full patch notes, visit this link.

It is not superfluous to mention that, with the arrival of version 1.0, the game servers experienced some problems for a couple of hours. The developers reported this inconvenience on Twitter and assured that they would do their best to resolve it shortly. Fortunately, it seems that everything went well because the creatives already confirmed the good functioning of the servers in all regions.

Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG, recently stated that he would like to see the Battle Royal genre grow. The title is already available also on Xbox One, where it debuted with some performance issues. Despite this, it was one of the best selling games in the United Kingdom during the past week.