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PT-like horror game Allison Road Gameplay Video

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Allison Road Prototype gameplay is now put on YouTube. You can see the video below. The prototype gameplay video shows you an upcoming horror game. Before this the most popular horror game was the Silent Hill series. But it is found that Allison Road might break the conception. This game is quite horrific that starts inside an apartment. There are certain surprises that can scare you badly.

Allison Road Screenshot
Allison Road Screenshot

The Allison Road Prototype gameplay itself is loaded with full of horror. The game video shows a character alone in an apartment looking for clues. Horror games are having their own influence over players. This game is slow and has interesting twist. Compared to a fast pace game, horror games are always slow and loaded with thrill. It is really hard to find a good horror game. As game developers are not really willing to risk on a new concept. Allison Road Prototype gameplay is a pure horror game with amazing sound and it will put you alone in a horrific place.

The game does not give you a very basic environment of a house. Just after watching the video you might feel the loneliness of the character. Here by exploring you can unveil more and more secret about the game. Till yet the actual gameplot is under suspense. We do not really know what story it holds that makes it more thrilling. For a good horror game its environment and sound matters a lot. It is more like having an investigating gameplay. Checkout the video below: