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Psychonauts 2 Has Been Delayed to 2020

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Double Fine has announced that Psychonauts 2 will not release in 2019. The publication of the game has been delayed to a date to be defined during 2020. It is emphasized that the game remains multiplatform, as had already been said, despite being Double Fine which has become part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios.

Let’s see the official statement of the developer of Psychonauts 2: “There really shouldn’t be too many other noticeable changes for you at all, at least not for a while…with one notable exception: We’re now targeting next year for release. We know it’s always disappointing when you have to wait a bit longer, but we also know that you are an amazing, supportive bunch, who – just like us – want the game to be as good as possible. So we’re hopeful you’ll understand!”

Psychonauts 2 aims to enhance the legacy of the first chapter. Raz, the protagonist, will use his PSI skills as a secret agent (along with others he will learn in the new game) to solve mysteries. The game will propose a new hub within the Psychonauts headquarters. Players will have access to mental worlds, as Raz is able to investigate the minds of many new characters who need his help to fight their inner demons.

Are you sorry that Psychonauts 2 has been delayed? Do you agree with the developers: better to wait a little longer but have a higher quality title in your hands? Tell us in the comments below.